In case the comic isn't clear, I'll give you a little backstory! Sexy Ted started as a nickname in 2013 given to me by Randy Lim. As the story goes, I was single at the time and a group of us were out at a bar called The Warren during a pro squash tournament after the matches. When I went to order drinks, a couple of ladies came up to me, started flirting, and ultimately bought me drinks. Randy was part of the group and saw this occur. Upon returning to his host's house and being asked about how the night was, Randy replied “It was great. There was this guy in a suit and bow tie and he had all the moves with the ladies. He was like Sexy Ted.” And so it began. Eventually, others in the squash community heard the story and the nickname took off.

In 2021, after being frustrated with clothing not fitting me as a bigger guy and also finding lots of the products to be uninspired or poorly made, I decided to launch Sexy Ted. The brand aims to be inclusive and supportive of all types of people and promote that being Sexy is all about being comfortable and confident with yourself. As a brand, we aim to be fun and not take ourselves too seriously while producing high-quality products. Where we can, we try to manufacture or assemble our products in the US.

Everyone deserves to feel Sexy and have fun!